How Smog Control Can Increase Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation

The substandard quality of air in cities can give birth to many diseases. We can see the urban areas are under extreme air pollution. The maintenance of good air quality to provide citizens a sustainable life is the authorities’ primary task. The growing harmful effect of air pollution and increasing smog in the city affects solar energy production. Moreover, every year 1.6 million suffer premature death due to the bad air quality. The effects of smog on the citizens are quite minacious. Suppose we dwell on other living things, for instance, plants. They play a massive role in developing a hygienic environment. We can conclude that the effects of smog on plants are devastating. Plants contribute a lot to the maintenance of fresh and pure air.

The low standard of air’s rising rate indicates that the air we breathe is of inferior quality. This inferior air quality will result in the birth of many chronic diseases. Some researchers conclude that the obliteration of the emission of bad quality smoke from different industries will help generate 160 terawatts of extra energy by the year 2040.

The government must take all the necessary steps and precautions and focus on the city’s substandard air quality.

Advantages to the Power Suppliers by Controlling Smog

The pure air and smog-free environment will contribute much to the solar power supply as researcher Merc√® Labordena and her associates revealed in a study. They are from the Climate Policy group at ETH Zurich. The generation of solar energy can have a significant impact on the country’s economy and power supply. Researchers also stated that China would have generated 58 to 160 hours of extra energy with today’s photovoltaic systems. However, this much power generation is only possible when complete eradication of the industrial sector occurs. For instance, the operation of power plants, transport, and households must stop developing this much energy. The extra energy produced will be one-third of Switzerland’s current power supply.

If all the necessary steps are taken wisely and adequately, results can be impressive. Furthermore, if strict measures are taken to control the air quality, solar radiation would rise to 10 percent. It is unnecessary all over the country; the potential to generate this power would be the same. For instance, if we consider China, Beijing, the solar radiation there would increase by 8 percent, while in China’s central provinces, it will boost up to 26 percent.

Notable Updates for Capitalists

The member of the Climate Policy group at ETH Zurich, Labordena, along with her fellow worker, gave her statement. She calculated the cost of the installation of best-practice emission standards. Furthermore, she says that “Our figures could be great news for investors.” The investors in the future who apply strict quality measures will find the ones who will significantly enjoy the eastern coast. The Eastern coast is the place where the rapid production of solar radiation takes place.

To sum up, solar energy has contributed a lot to developing and saving extra energy for the country. Limiting the level of smog in urban areas will reveal astonishing changes in the environment of the city. The citizens will be saved from the bad effects of smog, and the development of a healthy and hygienic environment will start to occur. As a result of strict control over air quality, the generated solar energy will increase gradually. This increase in solar energy can be fruitful in the development of the country.